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This is just a collection of Stuff.
You can use anything you find here, just RIGHT CLICK and SAVE.
I will keep adding to this page,
music files...

Please be Patient, as some of the files
are a bit slow in loading.
Before you leave, check out some of the links,
that's the FUN of Surf'n..

Thank You And Check Back Often!!

Takin' Aim

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Music Files....

The Beatles...
The Beach Boys...
Creedence Clearwater Revival...
Dire Strait...
Buddy Holly~~That'll Be the Day
Bob Marley~~I Shot the Sheriff
Ernest Tubb~~Waltz Across Texas
Greatful Dead~~Truckin'
Hank Williams~~Lovesick Blues
Johnny Cash~~Ghost Riders
Led Zeppelin~~Stairway to Heaven
Queen~~Fat Bottom Girls
Richie Havens~~In the Summertime
Rolling Stones~~Paint it Black
Roy Rogers~~Cattle Call
The Guess Who~~These Eyes
The Animals~~House of the Rising Sun
Maggie's Page
Holli's Geneolgy Page
Scooter's Laserblitz
Blue Mountain Greeting Cards
American Greeting Cards
Bingo Zone
Midi's All
Capt. Dave's Music
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This Way to Maggies II
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